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We are glad to announce that this Wild West story is finally on Kickstarter as a series of board games. Hopefully that will make a huge smile on faces of those who already visited the world of Hard West on PC or other consoles.

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Western Meets Horror

This is a game that requires strategic thinking, clever planning, and exemplary execution to succeed. To triumph, players must explore dangerous locations, discover and defeat enemies, and collect equipment and treasures.

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Hard West is a board game that can support between 1-6 players. It's a great social game that's quite easy to learn but really hard to master. You'll be surprised to see how your friends around the table can easily pick up the rules.

What's in the box?

Hard West is a massive experience where you can build your own towns and play different scenarios.

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    Day or night? Our cardboard platform has been designed to meet all your requirements. Each site has been adjusted to various scenarios that we have prepared just for you. So what? Western or horror? The choice is yours.

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    There are 12 different figures for a base version of the game. Each has own distinguished features. Players can choose between cowboys, adventurers and demons. Each character has set of special forces and abilities.

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    Inside the box you will find more than 50 special cards that are insane game changers. Many of them work as a unique ability that allow you to take action in form of response on your opononnents turn what makes it fucking hard and unpredictable.

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About the game

It's a horror strategy game settled in the old Wild West. In a world where everyone is hostile and making allies is not easy. Luckily there are still some people eager to join your cause. Doesn't mean really that they're good folks. They just have their own business too. You and your team of gunslingers will struggle in intense gunfights obtaining own goals. The world of Hard West is full of bandits, demons and other supernatural beings.

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Silver Lynx put hands on the most excitining project in their history. The very first board game setlled in western and horror scenario. All supporters of the Hard West video production are excited and can't wait to touch the game by hands. Hard work ahead will bring many smiles what significantly encourage the team to create the best board game adaptiation ever created.


Hey game lovers! The best is yet to come, at this stage we have created already unique rules for this strategy game. Keeping great balance between its complexity and joy of gameplay we have created the product that fits perfectly with younger and older audience. The combination of Wild West and horror environments will bring fun at the table for families and damanding players.

  • Hard West ⏤ The Board Game

    "Outstanding job and exceeded all expectations. It was a pleasure to work with them on a sizable first project and am looking forward to start the next one asap."

    Krzysztof Kostowski, CEO of PlayWay

  • Hard West ⏤ The Board Game

    "Exceeded expectations in terms of both quality of deliverables and their project management. I appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach."

    Piotr Karbowski, CEO of CreativeForge Games